Sustainable development is based on a fundamental premise: the awareness that, first as individuals and second as entrepreneurs, we have to think about the future of humankind and the future of our planet. Without that fundamental awareness, which stems from a long-term vision, no sustainable development can be effective.

That is why one of the basic pillars of S.P.A. International Food Group Co., Ltd. and our main mission, is to be an agent for change and transformation, and to constantly promote the integration and sustainable development of the food trade industry, minimising the impact that our operations have on our life and the surrounding environment. 

Through our Human Rights, Social, Economic and Environmental Responsibility policies, we are constantly promoting the search, development and implementation of innovations in all areas of our industry, incorporating cutting- edge technology and training all our personnel with new and better practices intended to generate a new awareness of social responsibility, and promoting a new sustainable production model.


As an advocate for sustainable development, S.P.A International Food Group Co., Ltd. has an ongoing policy to protect the environment, which translates into looking after our natural resources, minimising the impact that our industrial operations have on our life, and surrounding environment. With this in mind, we have committed to increasing the proportion of our tuna purchases from vessels that participate in the Pro-Active Vessel Register (PVR) and to not carrying out any transaction with vessels that are not registered with the RFMO in the region in which they are fishing. 

We support and encourage the use of Unique Vessel Identifiers (UVIs) in all tuna fisheries to help eliminate indiscriminate fishing, and we are also committed to not carrying out any transactions with companies and/or vessels that use non- sustainable harvesting methods. Likewise, we only purchase raw materials from companies and/or boat owners with a clear environmental protection policy, which ban shark fishing and promote dolphin conservation.

In the same line, in recent years we have made significant investments to replace the use of fossil fuels with more sustainable alternatives.

Below are some of the initiatives with the greatest impact:
the incorporation of solar panels that provide us with more than 40% of the
energy we need to carry out our operations, which not only yields significant financial savings, but also allows reinvestment in new sources of renewable energy, as well as helping to greatly reduce the environmental impact that traditional fuels have on the planet. Another notable initiative is the use of water purifying pools and the incorporation of a state-of-the-art Osmosis Filtering System that allows us to reuse 600 metric tons of water daily.

At S.P.A., we are constantly developing and incorporating new initiatives to
become a 100% sustainable industry in just a few years. That is our commitment to ourselves and to the entire local and international community.


As an essential part of our multicultural policy, at S.P.A. International Food Group Co., Ltd., in addition to complying with labour laws and regulations issued by the Thai Ministry of Labour and local and International Human Rights regulations, we are constantly promoting respect, inclusion and a level playing field for all workers who are part of our organisation. Regardless of race, territorial or social origin, caste, place of birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, union affiliation, political opinions, or any other condition that may give rise to discrimination. Everyone is treated equally within our organisation. Horizontal integration is our main value.

Our human rights policy guarantees that all people who are part of our
organisation are remunerated in accordance with the principles established 

by Local and International laws, and carry out their work in a healthy environment are constantly monitoring the health and safety of each worker, and also constantly implementing effective measures to prevent potential health and safety incidents, injury and/or illness that may occur
during working hours.

We are fully committed to strictly enforcing fundamental Human Rights and the principles of the common good that dictate that the use of child labour, forced or compulsory labour, including the work of prisoners or persons deprived of their freedom, must not be supported.
Moral and ethical integrity is our most important pillar, our principal asset in relation to our customers, and the entire community.


In our 20 years’ experience, S.P.A. International Food Group Co., Ltd. has
maintained an impeccable code of conduct that currently enables us to have the necessary financial credentials, both locally and also internationally, to develop our operations and businesses in the most important markets on the planet.
Our ethics, reflected in the transparency and professionalism with which the S.P.A. the International Food Group Co., Ltd. Directors and Executives have managed and continue to manage all financial operations over the years, places us among the best rated and most reputable companies in the Food Trade Industry in Thailand.