Since 1999 providing solutions to our clients


SPA. International Food Group Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1999 through the
determination of a group of highly experienced producers of canned tuna fish, whose
objective was to offer a higher quality product than that available in the international

Over the years, we have become a leading seafood industry manufacturer, offering not
only high-quality products, yet also exceptional strategic services. 

Our growth and development are driven by our obsession to provide excellence in
everything we do. Our efficiency in terms of the quality of our human resources and
values enables us, now as it has in the past, to grow year on year and consolidate our
position in the international market, strengthening our commitment to our customers.


Our vision is to be an agent for change that cooperates and collaborates towards the integration and sustainable development, not only of the global food trade industry, but also of the entire culture of society. 

Over these past 20 years, throughout the different stages of our journey, sharing countless experiences with both customers and friends from all over the world,
we have verified and learned that the 21st century is one of integration, cooperation and transparency for all of us who are part of global trade. 

Cut-throat competition and thinking only of your own benefit at the expense of others is a thing of the past; the new generations are growing, developing and achieving success based on the principle of cooperation.
That is why we are committed to, and indeed obsessed with, the ongoing development of innovation and best practices in our industry, with a principal focus on the continuous improvement of our values, habits and behaviour as professionals and human beings.


Our mission is to remain close to customers at all times. To know their goals, objectives, to listen to their concerns, needs, and to use all our available resources and potential to satisfy such needs, in order to reach those goals together.

Our focus on the excellent quality of our products and services pushes us to constantly transform ourselves as a company, to become increasingly efficient and committed to the sustainable development of both our customers and the environment, constantly taking bold strides towards the future.


Even with the right values and skills, nothing would be possible without the right people.

That is why at S.P.A. International Food Group Co., Ltd. we believe, feel, and act like a big family, with our values of trust, transparency, responsibility, passion and our tireless commitment to what we do.

In addition to our factory workers, who come not only from Thailand but also neighbouring regions with whom we are collaborating actively towards integration, we also have management and sales staff made up of professionals from different parts of the world: Asia, Europe and Latin America; this allows us to practice the values of integration and cooperation at the core of our business and gives us a holistic and multicultural vision of the world, enabling us to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers in greater depth.

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